About us:

Steve Trollip is the owner of Cycad Africa.

The original name “Grass Roots” was the natural outcome of his love affair with palms and cycads. While a board member of the Int. Palm Society he spent 2 decade travelling to about 30 different countries and islands ( incl Cuba , Hawaii , New Caledonia, Dominic Republic ) and many mainland countries  -  Brazil, Mexico, Panama, China,  Australia and many African countries in search of seed and many different species of palms and cycads. He started growing palms in 3 different areas in South Africa namely Brits, Letsitele and Hoedspruit. Each one of these gardens has a major botanical collection of palms.

He again presented a few posters and two talks, one on the different localities of E. Laevifolius and the other one on the effect of a translocation programme undertaken more than 20 years ago.

With his research on the 30 species that he has grown over the last 12 years having come to an end he has decided that he has sufficient stock to start an export business. The plants  he has available are all under 15cm in diameter and have been grown in a very sterile controlled environment.

Cycad Africa was started by Steve Trollip in a town called Brits, 50 km from Pretoria the capital of South Africa, in October 1995.

Steve successfully began growing palms in 1985 and as a result was invited to attend a Palm conference in Miami, USA. At this conference, he became aware of the mystical Encephalartos of Africa. On returning to South Africa, he did further research into the viability of becoming a cycad grower.  Motivated by the plight and commercial value of these endangered plants, Steve made the transition to cycads and became involved in the conservation and growing of cycads.  

Cycad Africa envisaged a long term project whereby cultivation, research and finally the viable commercialisation of many endangered species would become possible.

Cycad Africa’s overriding theme has become conservation through cultivation.

Steve Trollip