Cycads in AFrica

Encephalartos is a genus of rare and endangered Cycads native to Africa.  In evolutionary terms it is one of the most primitive living gymnosperms. They have outlived the dinosaurs and survived every cataclysmic natural disaster that has befallen planet Earth.

The History of CYCAD AFRICA

Welcome to CYCAD AFRICA!

Cycad Africa is a commercial nursery specialising in critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable, priority cultivation and commercial species.

The emphasis has developed from growing cycads to include cycad conservation.  We hold two very successful sales/ auctions annually as well as an informative and inspiring conference at Hoedspruit (please refer to Events Page for more details).  

We have three growing sites. Two of which are in a warm, subtropical environment. All exports are done from the Brits site (please refer to Export Page).  Our Hoedspruit site is developing to include a botanic garden specialising in endangered species. The third site which is also in the Limpopo province is being used to grow 10 critically endangered species.


Cycad Africa was started by Steve Trollip in a town called Brits, 50 km from Pretoria the capital of South Africa, in October 1995.

Steve successfully began growing palms in 1985 and as a result was invited to attend a Palm conference in Miami, USA. ....


Scientific Researchers use these "living fossils", the Cycads, as the key to go into our biological past, with the advantage of working directly with surviving species in "full life and full color."

“Living Fossils”


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